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Where do I find information on XP Service Packs ?

Information on the XP Service Pack 2 and 3 can be found at


How do I format my hard drive with XP installed so I can start over?

This question is frequently asked and raises a red  flag that the user is in trouble and may need special help transitioning from the Win 9X/Me platform to XP. The first question that should be asked is what problem has prompted the need to start over. Usually it is not necessary to start from scratch with XP. You have a few options before using the hammer approach (aka format). 

1. Your first option would be to try System Restore from Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. Look for the last program; update; etc. you installed before the problem occurred and select a restore point accordingly.

2. Make a post to the Microsoft XP newsgroups explaining the problem in as much detail as possible. I suggest you setup a newsreader instead of  using the web based format.

3. Do a Repair Install

4. Do a Clean Install using the XP CD.

5. See links from XP FAQ page for more format options.

How to Format XP.

If the system manufacturer supplies only a method to restore to original shipped state located on the hard drive or restore CD's; formatting the hard drive may remove the restore files and you should consult your system documentation and web site.

Upgrades to Windows 7?

There is no upgrade path to Windows 7 from XP, you will need to clean install or dual boot.

Windows XP to Windows 7: It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

A new link for Windows 7 upgrade